Three Questions on the start_multiple Endpoint

I have three questions regarding the start_multiple endpoint.

  1. I’m assuming the sortOrder references a sorting index. Does the index start counting at 0 or 1?
  2. Can you submit a soak cycle in the PUT call to start_multiple? For example: water zone 1 for 900, soak for 900, water zone 1 for 900, etc. If so, what is the zone ID for the soak entry? Any other special considerations for a soak cycle?
  3. Is there a limit to the list of entries, either by count or by cumulative duration?

Just needs to be sequential.

Not currently.

I don’t know of any limits, how many were you thinking?


I am not sure right now. I’m writing my own scheduler. I will irrigate each zone for 15 minutes and it just depends how many zones need watering on a given day. I want to keep the watering times within a strict 3 to 4 hour window, so some quick math says I shouldn’t have more than 12 - 16 entries. That’s the plan now but it is subject to change.

Thanks for the info. If I/we could insert soak cycles in the start_multiple list, that would be helpful.

If you have a spare zone (no valve connected), use it as a soak timer. Or, do the timing with your script, running one zone at a time.

I’d prefer not to do one zone at a time. The Rachio app blows up my phone with audible alerts at the beginning and end of each individual watering instance while I’m sleeping. I can’t mute my phone either so this is not an option.

That’s an interesting suggestion regarding unused zones. I do have one. So Rachio doesn’t care if the enabled flag is false? Or it doesn’t check it? Have you tried this to know it works?

Except for troubleshooting, why would you have ‘Schedule status change’ notifications enabled?

Otherwise, do you have ‘scheduled do not disturb’ set correctly in your phone, e.g. so that non-VIP notifications get displayed (and perhaps vibrate) but don’t make a sound?

AFAIK, a ‘disabled’ zone is ignored for normal scheduling and is by default not shown in the zone list, but can still be watered by a custom run. But in your case, none of this should matter; you can leave it enabled but don’t mention it in your normal schedules. Assuming that you have nothing (or just a valve) connected to the M terminal, it should be safe to run an enabled but disconnected zone for the purpose of causing a delay.

I am not aware of configuration settings for alerts on a per-app basis. The Rachio app itself most definitely does not have alert settings internally. I have Android. Perhaps you have an iPhone. From my understanding, it’s an all-or-nothing situation with app alerts. I’m caring my elder mother who lives in another house and the phone sounds have to stay on should I get a text or call, and I do have app alerts that I do want to wake me up such as home security, medical, and safety ones. Now that I think about it, it’s nice to have the Rachio app provide an alert, but I think 20+ of them during my sleep hours is rather excessive.

I will give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.

Hi @counterparts, Android app supports notifications management, you can disable your Schedule status change push notifications under your Account Settings.
For more info please check

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Thanks for sharing this. I may or may not use it because I’m likely to forget to turn them back on if I disable them, and it’s nice to know when watering begins and ends in some circumstances.

In addition to the settings noted by @kdoroshchuk, there are two other levels of control that may be useful.

In Android settings under Apps & notifications, find the Notification settings for Rachio. You should see the Miscellaneous category and can change its Importance. If set to Medium, there will be no sound but it will display visually as normal.

Otherwise, consider using Scheduled Do-Not-Disturb. If you use Priority Only, you will still be alerted to important events, but app notifications won’t disturb you. Go to ‘Priority only allows’ and under Calls, select e.g. ‘From starred contacts only’ or as desired. Do the same for Messages.

Regardless of your settings, Rachio keeps a history of all runs so you can check whether it behaved as expected, even if you missed some notifications.

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Thanks a lot for the info! I was not aware of these settings.

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