This makes no sense! Rachio 3 runs almost full schedule the night after "atmospheric river" rainstorm

I was perplexed this morning to find out my Rachio has run an almost full schedule the night after a heavy 2-day rainstorm came through the area. Data from weatherstations in my neighborhood on Wunderground shows that 4 inches of rain fell in the previous 48h! My full schedule runs 3h 44min and this morning Rachio watered for 2h 15min when the soil is already soaked to oblivion by the rain. That makes no sense!! What’s up with this algorithm? Can someone explain this to me?

I am using the Flex Daily Schedule all zones, all days of the week.

It does look like the WI Plus for that area is not correctly recording precipitation. I will reach out to our weather provider to determine why that data is missing and report back here.


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Our weather provider is currently looking into this.

Hey Franz,

Thanks for reaching out and providing the queries below.

I’m checking our precip/summary endpoint and definitely seeing similar results. However, when comparing to our observations/summary endpoint, I can see the nearest stations definitely have precip amounts closer to what you’re expecting. I’ll pass this onto our dev team to investigate further and follow up with more details as soon as possible.

I had this same issue. Rained like crazy on Saturday! Wunderground shows 2.89in. Yet i wake up yesterday and my system had run the full flex daily cycle

This issue has been resolved by our weather provider.

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know about this erroneous data!

Our teams were able to confirm an issue with one of the sources we are using for the precip/summary. However, we have updated our ingestion system to account for this issue and so far we have seen the expected results. Yesterday when we made some changes we did see the expected values for the locations and times you had mentioned after we pushed the fix. We will continue to monitor the precip/summary endpoint to ensure our latest changes did have the expected outcome. Feel free to share any results you come across that appear to be better or worse.

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Sounds great. Thanks for the prompt reply and for fixing the issue!