“This controller is already in use” problem

I got a new cell phone and when I downloaded Rachio app and logged in my controller isn’t showing up. When I attempt to add the controller I’m getting the message that it’s already in use.

I sent an email to Rachio support about this issue on 5/10 with no response.

I called rachio and left a voicemail, still no response.

Why is support so terrible?


I can help out. Can you PM me the serial number of the unit and email address of your account?


I have this same problem. The Gen 2 controller was connected to my tablet, but I can’t get it connected to my phone.

Serial# VR0769157

@VincentG - @Franz may want a photograph of the serial number to prove you have possession of it. Use a private or direct message to send it to him.

Thx, DLane

Hi VincentGi,

I looked at your account and it looks like the controller is there. Would you mind logging out and logging back in to see if the controller appears?


It showed up. Thx. My old controller from my previous house is still showing. How do I delete it.

That’s great to hear!

You can remove your old controller from within the app. Here’s an article highlighting how.

Since you currently have two controllers on your account, you would need to make sure you are on the right one prior to deleting it. You can see a list of your controllers by clicking on the either controller’s name, near the top left corner in the app.


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