This controller currently belong to another Rachio account

I bought a brand new Rachio 3 from Costco.
After plugging it in I try to set it up by the app.
As a first time user, I signed up but the app shows me a message:
this controller currently belong to another Rachio account

  • The box was sealed.
  • The controller just turned on for the first time like 1 minute ago (as best of my knowledge).
  • The controller looks new, no major scratch or dent
  • It had all the manual and power plug

Does Rachio resale used or returned items as a brand new item in a sealed package?
or this message has any other meaning?
please let me know what should I do?



Not sure about your buying experience. But I did have to transfer an existing account to me when we moved to house with an existing Rachio.

I used the apps transfer option several times with no response about a transfer (after several weeks) and finally had to contact support by email directly. Support finally responded, but I had to send in a picture of the serial number. So, be ready for that.

Hey @F54!

SO sorry about that! To be honest, I’m not sure how this happened as we (Rachio) don’t do that. We unfortunately cannot control if Costco does this but I don’t have any insight into whether that’s a common practice for them. FWIW, I doubt it is and think this might be a one-off hiccup.

Have you shot a message to our support team to get the transfer initiated? If not, you can request a Transfer Ownership within that same screen you shared, or shoot a note to

So sorry about the less than ideal first interaction with us! Let’s get this squared away ASAP :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community!
Lo :cheers:

Hi @laura.bauman
Thank you for your response.
Yes, I have contacted the support team. It was afternoon and they transfer ownership the next day (within 24 hours) successfully.

  • It was an unexpected and confusing experience as a user and I want to bring your attention to it.

probable cause and suggestion:
I doubt it, Costco tries to repack and sell open-box/used item as a new item.
But as of my experience during the multiple times try to activate the device and running to the message regarding transferring ownership. It is so easy to mistype the serial in manual input.
And I don’t know what happened if that random serial number be the serial number of another brand new device seating in a box! waiting to be purchased.
The device will be added as the first owner or not!
(it can be my experience)
If yes! suggestion:
To prevent it from happening again. If someone tries to activate a new device with a serial number but doesn’t have the device to actually finish the setup and connect it to wi-fi in like 20min or 1hour (some time limit) the server automatically removes the device from that account to keep the device as a new.
Also, it is good if someone has the device physically! be able to rest it and set it up from scratch without any extra 1 day waiting for manual approval… just by pushing or holding some keys on the actual controller.


Thank you so much for the thoughts and feedback :slight_smile: I’m sharing this thread with our retail manager as we speak to make sure we look into this with Costo. Also sharing with product!