Thickness wiring?

what wire size (thickness in mm2) is best to connect the Rachio 3? Keep in mind that the lines lenght and signal strenght… Terms as sprinkler wire is not helpful. I couldnt find it in the technical instructions… Thing is i can choose many different sizes…

Hey @sbarnhard!

The Rachio 3 can fit 14-22 gauge wires (mm conversion chart here).

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ah cool, many thanks. :slight_smile:

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my electrician still wants more detail. what thickness does Rachio advice for distances below 300 feet (100m), 200 feet (50m) and 100 feet (30 m)?

thicker lines might fit, but might be an overkill, smaller ones give weak signals. any guideline here?

@sbarnhard - I’ve found a chart from Hunter that shows these distances:



So 18 AWG/1.0 MM is fine for those purposes. I’d use purpose built sprinkler field wire like this ->

as this wire is designed to be directly buried and comes various configurations for the number of wires (zones, plus common) in the cable. This cable is 18 gauge, too. This would be my recommendation - purpose built, can cover the distance, not too flimsy when inserting, etc. (FYI, I’m not associated with Rachio).

Not sure why the angst from the electrician.


The only thing I’d add is use solid conductor not braided wire.