The sprinkle doesn't Stop

I’m from Spain and I’ve just configured today my Rachio 3.
All is ok except the sprinkle doesn’t stop. If I do a manually I can not stop it with the pause or stop option. I’ve tried to do a schedule of 1 zone and it starts but doesn’t stope. HAve somebody has the same problem? Thanks!

@joseprus - post a picture of the label of the power supply being used. This is a symptom of a DC power supply. Rachio needs an AC power supply (1 Amp or 1,000 milliamp capacity). There are other posts that mention this exact problem and the solution is an 24 V AC power supply.

Thanks for your Help.
I attach a picture of the one I’m using .
Isn’t it ok to run with Rachio?

That one has a DC output and not suitable. You need a transformer with 24 VAC out, capable of supplying at least one ampere.

Thanks again for your Help.

I have an old transformer of my Hunter machine. The one you can see at the Picture 1. Do you think is it ok to use with my Rachio? If it is not ok, do you know or recommend a web site where tu buy it in Europe?
If the old one is valid to use, can I connect directly to the Rachio in the 24 VAC hole showed in the picture 2? As you can see my wire doesn’t have the 5.5 mm connector (picure 3) and I can only connect putting inside the VAC hole. THANKS!

@joseprus - the Hunter power supply will work! Just cut the plug off the Rachio or other power supply and connect the two wires from the Hunter to the plug. It doesn’t matter which wires are connected to which one on the plug.

@DLane is right. To hist advice I will add that you should NOT try using 24v terminals such as those you’ve shown on the last picture. They are not rated for the full system load and as such cannot be used for power input.

@DLaneand @Gene, thanks for your help!
Unfortunatelly the Hunter power supply doesn’t work :(. I’ve connected each wire to each 24 VAC hole in the Rachio but nothing happens. Ai it doesn’t arrive power. Do you know where can I buy one AC power supply that could works? some ecommerce / webpage / Amazon that can send me to Spain. I don’t know where to find :frowning: - Thanks!

Read @Gene comment. DO NOT plug the strands from the Hunter adapter into the 24VAC terminals. You will need to cut the plug end off of the adapter that came with your Rachio and splice it into the Hunter unit.

Hola Jose,
I had the same problem here in Las Vegas, Nevada.
The system will start but not stop. I was able to stop it by manually turning the relief valve with a screwdriver.
After much troubleshooting, found the problem was solved by changing the diaphragm in one of the valves that was not stopping. A very inexpensive and easy way to troubleshoot and isolate part of the process.

Just adding a few ideas to the troubleshooting process.
Hope it helps,
Miguel Angel

@joseprus does the Rachio still power up with the KFD AC/DC Adaptor?

Hello @Gene
Unfortunatelly it doesn’t work. If connected de 2 wires of the old Hunter Adaptor with the connector of the Rachio and no power arrives to the Rachio device. May be the Hunter adaptor now is damaged ¿? … I’m a litle desperate, I think the best think is to buy a new one here in Europe, but the problem is that I don’t find any. If seen one in Germany but they don’t send to Spain. Can some one tell me where tu buy one in Europe? THanks!!

PD: In the picture 1 you can see how I’ve connectes the 2 wires and in the picture 2 the specifications of the hunter adaptor

Before we know if the supply is good (which can be tested using a multimeter from your local home improvement store), I wish to confirm that Rachio does not turn on when using the previous supply which had the system running, but could not turn off the zones.

Have you at any time used the two right terminals which are marked as 24VAC to connect the hunter supply to Rachio?

Hi @Gene
I’m trying to resume the situation:

  • The power supply that comes with Rachio I can not use because I live in Spain
  • If tried to use the old one of my Hunter machine. I cut the conector that comes with Rachio and join to the wires of my old Hunter one, but doesn’t work, I haven’t test it yet with the multimeter, because I don’t have one at this moment. I’ll try to get one
  • I bought one AC/DC adaptor, and with this one the power arrives to Rachio and it seems it works, but doesn’t stop.
  • I don’t have tried to connect the 2 wires of my old Hunter to the Rachio 24VAC

IF I can buy a new one i somewhere in Europe, I think could be the faster option. Ussually it’s is cheaper and I don’t mind if I have to buy one.


Glad to hear that it still works with DC supply, means no deamage has been done and it is likely that the fault is with the old AC supply.

Here are a couple of options which show up on amazon:

I’m very sad. Don’t know what to do more.
I’ve bought the first option you recommend me. Is the one of the picture 2. It doesn’t work. Nothing happens. No light on.
If I use the one of the picture 1 the blue light turns on and it works, except it can not stop.
I wanted to send a video I have made but this page doesn’t allow to attach videos. If you have an email I can send you and you will see what happens. What can I do? In some days I’ll plant my grass and I need to resolve it. Thanks

I see no good reason why controller would power-up with the DC supply from picture 1, but not the AC supply from picture 2. From the look of things, voltages and the plug sizes on the second supply match what is needed.

It is interesting that AC supply claims to have a universal input range (110 / 220), I have not noticed it when first looking at amazon.

I would suggest getting a multi-meter from your local home improvement store, something like this:

This will allow you to check if the AC supply you’ve ordered is working.

Thanks @Gene
Yestaerday I ordered one. I hope to have it today or tomorrow. When I check the AC I’ll give you feedback. But it’s very strange that I heve tested 4 AC supplies and only one works … And 2 of them are new … that I have bought those days …

Hello gain @Gene!

I have the tester.

As you can see in the pictures, the first power supply I’ve tested is the alst one Ibought in amazon 2 days ago, the one you recomended me. As you can see it seems it works (gives 28.2 V)

The second picture is the Power supply that I bought at the beginning and it works with my Rachio but can not stop. As you can see it seems it works, it gives 24.4 V.

I d’n’t know what to do more. I think the Rachio machine has a problem, because it seems the power is not the problem. What do you recomend me? THANKS fot your help!!!

Can you take a photo of the two plugs, and original Rachio plug if you still have it, looking down the barrel so to speak. I wonder if the inside hole size on the AC adapter is larger than advertised and does not make good connection.

If the holes are similar, than fault is likely somewhere internal to the Rachio. You’d need to take a cover off and see if there is any visible damage to the capacitors, which would cause an issue holding charge while on AC power.