The name Rachio

How does one even say the name? Is it Ray-Cheeo? Or Wratch-ee-oh? Or Ratio? Bewildered why a company would choose such a name. Or maybe even Wray-ch-eye-oh?

I’ve always called it “Rash-EE-Oh”. When they first started many moons ago, I’m pretty sure the company was Rachio, and the controller was called Iro. I haven’t seen the Iro name in years…

I guess that might be a question for the founder @franz, but why did Google choose their name? How did Bezos come up with Amazon, or the founders of Yahoo! come up with their name?


I call it Rocky-Oh

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The firmware in my Generation 2 controller is “iro2-firmware-5-119”.

I think his point might be that not only did they choose a name that isn’t in the English language, it’s not clear how to pronounce it. Those names you all mentioned are either already in use or at least in the case of Google, it’s obvious how to say it.