The Dreaded "10 White +1 Red Blink"

Hello guys and Rachio support team,

Since my problem started 2 days ago, I came here to find out numerous people having the same issue, anyone knows how to fix it? My unit was installed this year on 05/14/2021, it has been running flawlessly ever since the install until 2 days ago it just quit working. I’ve tried all the suggested fix on rachio support as well as suggestions from the community, the below is the description of what is happening and what I have done to try to fix, please help.

Problem: Booting ERROR (stated by rachio support page)
Status Light: 1st Quadrant 10 White Blink + 1 Red Blink (over and over again)
Trouble Shoot:

  1. hold down on wifi button behind the faceplate for wifi reset. (didn’t work)
  2. unplug power, wait 30 seconds, power back on. (didn’t work)
  3. unplug power, wait 30 seconds, press down on the white rachio button to clear residual power, plug power back. (didn’t work).
  • I actually performed #3 twice, the second time I waited a full minute, then pressed down on the rachio button for a full minute as well just to make sure all power is drained, and it still does not work.
  1. Holding down on the Stop button for master reset, the light goes white shrinks into a full blue light, followed by the dreaded white and red blinks. (didn’t work)

I had emailed customer support and have not gotten a reply yet, nor do I have a ticket number.

At this point I think I’ve tried all available troubleshooting methods I can find, if anyone has other tricks for the fix please let me know.

Rachio Support, HELP!!!

-Eric. Sorry for the lengthy post.

Call Rachio on 1-844-4RACHIO - this happened to mine recently after my GFCI that it was on went bonkers and had to be replaced. The bad GFCI appeared to have fried something in my unit. If that is what happened to yours, yours is still new enough that you would be under warranty.

Hello Linn,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my post!

I’ve called the number you provided, and the support tech had decided the unit is defective and inoperable, so they are sending out a replacement which will arrive in 3 days under warranty!

My GFCI is still working as it is supposed to so I’m not sure what had happened that broke my controller, totally confused.

Is there a way to prevent this sort of random breakdown from happening in the future that you know of?


This is beyond my expertise level! Probably not. Seems pretty random.

I had the same problem and Rachio is going to send me a new controller but it looks like this will be a recurrent problem. Has anyone been able to get the controller to work after the boot 1 error?

I had a similar experience. Second replacement is on the way. Hopefully, adding a surge protector will help.