The device starts watering, and then turns off


Acquired device 2 into 16 zones. Connect only the 3 zones. Have problems with the device turned off.

For example: I ask watering zones 3 to 2 minutes. It runs 1, then followed by 3, but the area is not switched off. I went down to the garage, and the device is not working (no light, no light). I pull out the plug from the socket (in the unit) and insert back - works. But after the watering starts again, it works for a while and then back off himself.

I can not understand what was going on. Please help us identify the problem and solve it.

Thanks in advance.

You water 3 zones for 2 minutes. It runs 1, then 3. And zone 3 still runs.
The controller turns off and you have to unplug and plug back in to restart. Did I follow your explanation?

There is a new feature in Gen 2 which allows the controller to detect a fault. Maybe your zone 2 has a fault, turns the controller off. It’s suppose to reboot itself.

You mention zone 3 doesn’t switch off. It could be the valve is stuck open due to a bad diaphragm.

Read this and see if it helps:

None of the zones is not connected fails. The device is simply turned off at the time when irrigation works. This irrigation does not stop in the same area, on continuing to pour. Turn back the device can only be unplugging the power cord and plugging it back in.

Valves and cleared, checked solenoids (not bask, are not short wire).

Sorry, I do not know where to look for what could be the problem.

Hey there @ice911! We would be more than happy to help you get this solved. Go ahead, and if you wouldn’t mind, send us a message over at and we can look into it further with you :slight_smile:

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