The controller is having issues connecting to your account

I’m having this issue for last week and a half. My Rachio 2nd generation Model# 16ZULW-B
and Serial number: VR 075-7938 was working fine and suddenly stopped working. I tried everything from changing the WiFi to resetting the controller multiple times but nothing is working. I really need help with this. My yard is dying.
Thank you

Possibly, the back end is in an inconsistent state where it doesn’t believe that the controller that ‘should’ connect to your account is yours, in which case call Rachio on 1-844-4RACHIO and they will reset it for you and talk you through setting up a ‘new’ controller. They may even be able to restore your zone and schedule settings.

However, first try something simple: Using two mobile phones, set one up as a mobile hotspot and use the other to set up the hotspot Wi-Fi on the controller. If that works, you can set up a fixed schedule to keep your yard alive, which will continue to run without internet, until you can resolve the issue. If it doesn’t work, please report the light code after the attempt.

Hi Stewart,
Thank you so much for sending me all the details and the technical support phone number. I was able to get a hold of the Technical Support and they fix the issue in no time.
I really appreciate your help
Thanks again