Thanks, Rachio!


wow nice work

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Thanks, @Modawg2k. Yummy, too! The Hubs asked for a cherry pie the day we picked them. We also harvested potatoes and corn and lots of ripe tomatoes. The picture has green tomatoes, cause he wanted some fried green tomatoes and didn’t want to wait until they were bigger.

This is all from a drip system that Rachio takes care of.


I can’t remember, are you near Phoenix? I thought cherries didn’t do well in the area.

You are absolutely correct on both counts, @JPedrego. This is some of the harvest from a property smack-dab in the middle of a farming and ranching community. The area was once well-known for its apples which were shipped to Colorado via train.

The climate is perfect for apple and cherry trees. Gardening there is a piece of cake, unlike here in the Valley. No green thumbs necessary. Well, maybe at least one.:grin:

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Oh ok, I got a little excited there for a bit, thought I might be adding a new tree to my yard this fall.

Bummer! Sorry about that. If cherries did well here, I would have several of them. But then, I can’t grow oranges or lemons there, either.

You could try a fig, plums or a peach as long you choose a variety with appropriate chill hours.

Yeah I’ve got several fruit trues including fig, but I’ll probably have a spot open soon because my lemon tree is not long for this world.

Lucky you! I love figs fresh off the tree!:fork_and_knife:

:scream: This is awesome!! Thanks so much for posting @sunny!

McKynzee :rachio:

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Hey, @JPedrego! I was doing some digging and found that there is a cherry that does well here in the desert. It’s a Barbados Cherry (Acerola). I have no experience with it, but it looks interesting.

There’s a fellow in Glendale who propagates and sells them, but you have to pre-order and then go pick them up. Do an internet search for Shamus O’Leary’s Tropical Fruit Trees. You’ll find him on FB. He also has avocados, mangoes and lots more.

Can’t tell you anything else about his trees, I’ve never purchased from him.

Wow, he does avocados and mangos here in AZ?!?!?!? I might have just died and gone to heaven!


I would love to have an avocado! Unfortunately, I’m running out of room for trees.:disappointed:

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I’ve got the room, and flood irrigation, just not the time…seems getting a healthy avocado takes a fair bit of work.