Testing Wifi coverage

Sold my Rachio 2 with our old house and get the new Rachio 12 zone version from Costco. I am installing it on an outside wall (with weatherproof enclosure) on the far side of our guest house. Wifi is very weak but my laptop works just fine from the same location that the Rachio will be installed. Before I start adding on a wireless mesh system, extender, whatever, I want to see if the Rachio has enough wifi to operate. Can I simply plug in the Rachio and boot it up without any sprinkler valves/zone wired in, and try to connect to wifi? I don’t want to uninstall my old system until I am sure the new Rachio will work. Just trying to see if it will. Any harm to the unit if I boot it up?

@hdsteele - yep. Plug it in and see if it will connect to the WiFi with no sprinkler wires connected. I run some phantom/ghost zones on my Rachio with nothing hooked up to them for testing.

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That’s an excellent way to test out wifi before unplugging the old system. Go for it.

Thanks DLane, rent, I thought it would probably work as a test but…“probably work as a test” and “technology” in the same sentence is a really bad idea at times…