Testing - please ignore

testing testing 123, please ignore.

@Thomas_Lerman: Did you say something?

@Gene: who are you taking to @Thomas_Lerman?

@Thomas_Lerman: lol

@Gene: I think it’s safe to drop the “From” prefix; cast your votes.

@Thomas_Lerman: @Gene, I am fine with that as long as we have a way of addressing someone in particular. :smiley:


As soon as you say “ignore”, you know everyone has to look it it, right?

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Ah yes, the famous Streisand effet.

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oooof duh.

You from Minnesota? Duluth area? Or may a couple hundred feet north of there, in Canada?

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Haha you’re good. Milwaukee actually :rofl: You can take the girl out of the Midwest…

Gotcha! Close anyhow. I just remember all the Uff da! mugs when I was in Duluth!

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HAHA yep, sounds about right. You’ll really notice the Wisconsin mannerisms whenever you see me say “you betcha” :joy: