Testing Inactive Flow Check feature

I’m trying to validate my procedure for testing the Inactive Flow Check feature. My flow meter works, calibrates zones, has warned me of flow variations and appears to operate normally.

With the Inactive Flow Check feature established, I wanted to test if it would work when the system was otherwise idle…when no zones have run that day. I wanted to see if it would alert me to a burst pipe. I opened up the end of a drip line and manually activated the valve, with no input to the Rachio program. I expected it to send an alert but it didn’t.

I have the Inactive Flow Check activated in the app. The pressure and settling times are at 5 minutes. I let it run, simulating a wide open leak, for over 5 minutes and got no alert. I tried the same thing, reducing the pressure and settling times to 1 minute…no difference. I have the latest app update.

Is my expectation of this feature realistic? Is my testing method valid?