Temporarily disabling all zones?

It unexpectedly rained and I want to turn off my 12 zones so they don’t go off over night. Is there some way to just turn them all off at the same time, or do I just need click on each zone and slide the switch labeled “Enabled” to the left to disable it?


I do not know if it matters on which schedule type you have, but I know of a couple of ways that I have done it. In the matter of fact, I did the latter to prevent getting sprinkled while camping in the backyard with my daughter (after that happening more than once already :wink: ):

  1. An obvious way is to put the controller in Standby mode, but you have to remember to take it out the next morning.
  2. I like this way . . . I went to Irrigation, Calendar, tapped the day, and then tapped “SKIP THIS RUN” for the zone(s) I want skipped.
  3. Probably another way exists of disabling the schedule, but again you would want to reenable it the next morning.

The calendar > skip this day seems to work. As long as it is back to normal on the next scheduled day without me needing to do anything, this is what I needed. Thanks!

Worked well for me, let us know how it worked for you and without a reminder.

The schedule shows it is going to go off again in two days when it is supposed to, so I don’t need a reminder for anything. Thanks again