Tempest Weather System and rain during Irrigation

I want to know if have the Tempest Weather System ca detect if is raining and stop a water irrigation cycle, meaning the grass is been watering in that moment.
Let’s say that the splinker are running and during this cycle a storm just happenes and start raining will the Tempest Weather System communicate with the Rachio and stop the irrigation?

Typically the only rain gauges that can stop a run, mid run, are those that wire into the common wire. Usually weather stations are more of an after the fact type thing. I don’t have any experience with the Tempest, but I have one coming my way, and plan to get it up and running to test out. Being that this one has a closer tie to Rachio than just any other weather station, maybe the added additional features? That might be a question for @drew_thayer.

Do you know which rain gauges work better with Rachio?

It’s an interesting question being asked. I have a new Tempest station and it is absolutely great. I think I have tired just about every other brand on the market in the last 20 years and this one beats all others. I set my Rachio to get data from my Rachio via WeatherUnderground. Fabulous.

I’m interesting in what made the Tempest beat out every other brand on the market? I’ve been pondering of getting one.

Good question. I suppose the advantages are different for other people. For me, I like the fact there are no moving parts. All of my previous units that failed were usually due to the wind vane breaking off from constant movement and damage from sun UV to make it crack. Also the rain cup would get clogged up by birds sitting on it and pooping. Batteries didn’t last as long. Transmitting distance not as good in 2 prior units. The Tempest solved all those issues. Also looks nice but not as important to me how it looks as it is to other people. I like the lighting strike feature that I never had in prior units. Seems to work reliably.

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