Tempest integration with Rachio 2?

Hi all,
It is time to bail on my 5-in-1 Acurite weather station. Its has been just ok, several things have broken over the 2.5 years I have owned it. It is down again and some parts are likely going to need to be replaced. Time to move on. I’ve had it on Weather Underground linked to my Rachio 2.

The Tempest looks great! I’ve talked with Rachio and to the Tempest people about integration and it seems I am getting some contradicting info.

My understanding is the Tempest offers “direct linked integration” with the Rachio 3. Does it do this with the Rachio 2?

Otherwise, can I add the Tempest at Weather Underground and go that route to my Rachio 2? Correct? Similar to adding the Acurite to Weather Underground?

I am waiting to hear back from Tempest folks to clarify the question of “direct integration” or if they mean the Tempest will work with Weather Underground using the Rachio Gen 2?

I’ve read through most of the posts here and still wondering a bit.

Thx DD

My Tempest has has the direct integration with my Rachio Gen 2. So yes it works. I also have my Tempest integrated with WU so my neighbors can utilize it with their Rachios, just not via direct integration like mine.

Thx for that info. The WU had been ok but seems better to use the direct integration ? I assume the direct integration is easier to setup?

It’s more real-time. Flex schedules check weather conditions an hour or so prior to running and with direct integration it’s based on your weather station and how much rain it got which is nice.

Setup was easy you just add a new device in the app, enter the code provided by Rachio and it gets added.