Tempest - Do you need a rain sensor also?

Hello, I am thinking of getting a Tempest WS but was wondering if you still need a rain sensor. Basically can the Tempest shut off the Rachio 3 when it detects rain? Seems like a hassle to have a rain sensor and a weather station if they can do the same thing.

Can you have two Rachios use the weather info from one Tempest. I assume it is just like pointing to a local weather station in my area except this one is in my backyard.


It has a rain sensor, but it measures the amount of rainfall. It isn’t like a traditional wet/dry (on/off) rain sensor that I believe you are alluding to. Some create a break in the common wire, and some wire back to the controller, but they are still a wet/dry, or on/off sensor. It works incredibly well with Flex Daily scheduling, however I’m not 100% sure it will change the rain sensor state within Rachio. I haven’t really played with mine, or payed attention to how Rachio functions with it and rain, other than seeing it register accurate rainfall totals, which then make my Flex Daily schedules work very well.

No rain sensor needed.