Technical Info Not Showing All Data

Hello, new user here. Just have a quick question about the technical info that you can find under Controller Settings. When I first hooked up my Rachio 3E I was able to see what WiFi band my Rachio was on as well as the RSSI signal strength. Now when I looked there is none of that data is there even though my unit is online and I can control it through my phone. Any reason why this info isn’t there now and was there right after I hooked it up.
It does show Mac Address, Firmware Version, Model, and Serial #.

The site does provide the SSID and Band info on the Technical info page, but not Signal strength. Meanwhile the app does show signal strength (via the little green wifi indicator on the top left of the controller image within More tab), but not other data.

Not sure were you can see all three on the same page, been a while since I went through the initial setup. It is possible there is a one off screen for initial troubleshooting.

Ok thanks for the reply. I was able to log into the the app on the computer and see the info. I think you maybe right about the initial setup. It probably showed the signal strength info (RSSI) when I first set it up in case I needed to troubleshoot. Looks like they would just leave that info on there for future reference, but not a big deal.