Tall Fescue grass schedule

Recently I had tall fescue “Marathon II”sod installed. I live California and and need advise on setting up a weekly water schedule. Thanks!

Depending on where you live in CA, watering only once a week may not work out well. You have to apply so much water that much of it can run off. Then the grass might not make it until the next watering. In very hot weather, anyhow.

As to Marathon II sod, you might contact the supplier as to Crop Coefficient, etc. but I did find this other thread here.

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How recent? Like is it established?

From what I’ve read about Tall Fescue sod. It needs to be 1 1/2” per week. I live in Southern California with average temperatures be 72°-75° I’ve read that Tall Fescue “Marathon II” should water be longer to encourage deeper rooting.

That sounds reasonable, but water requirements vary greatly with temperature.

If your temperatures really stay in that zone, a constant amount of water should be fine, but if winter and summer temperatures vary greatly, like here in SC, your amount of water per week should vary as well. IMHO Flex Daily does the best at adapting to this, as it takes actual temperature and weather into account, and varies watering days accordingly. Flex Monthly uses Historic data to adjust, and Fixed schedules can have Seasonal Shift enabled, which varies the amount of water.

That’s true with most grass. The limitation is your soil. If it is capable of absorbing the water applied at once, once a week, it would work. But I think you will find most soils are unable to do this, so watering may be required twice or more a week. Rachio helps determine this.