System tried to water twice?

I just got a Gen2 8 zone controller. Hooked it up in minutes and had it up and running. Today was my first day scheduled to water. Set it for 8am. I was too excited to see it work, so i went to edit schedules and selected “Run Schedule” everything worked like a charm. Went to work, got the notification that it finished and then immediately got a notification that it is starting to water again. Is this a glitch or is it because I didn’t let the system run on the timer and it was just waiting for it to be done to go again? Thanks!!

@livewyr25 If you manually run a scheduled schedule it will not preclude that same schedule from running again at its predetermined time :wink:


so even though it is an hour later, it will still try to run the 8am time?? Thanks for the reply

Yes, running a scheduled schedule manually (at any time) will not affect when that schedule will run at its predetermined time.