System Status is RED, what now?


I was in the middle of an active cycle this morning. I lost power to the house for less than a minute. I am not sure if related to this but watering stopped and the IRO it displays a red status-under Rachio Status>Development Cloud API-service disruption.

Questions are:

  1. Is the red status related to the loss of power?
  2. Why did it appear in “Current Watering” that I was still watering and the slide continued to advance as if it was watering when IT WAS NOT.
  3. I could not do anything (start a manual program) until the “programmed watering time” had elapsed. Is this normal??
  4. What should someone expect when there is power is loss.


These are our development servers, please ignore :wink:

This means the Iro is not connected to WiFi.

Sounds like power went out, Iro rebooted, was not connected to WiFi, so could not provide a status update to the cloud and the app could not sync.

On a power loss the Iro will connect back to the cloud, assuming it’s on WiFi, and provide a status update. Any running schedule will not resume.


Production and Development Virtual IRO show Service Disruption.
It is connected to the Wifi and there has been no power loss.
System is operational even though Red light on status.

Sorry, I need to remove those from operation dashboard. Misinformation.

All better now.

GREEN LIGHT GO. Thank you. :sunglasses:


Light is green now under Support-system status iOs app. I was confused by the red mark there. Why do we need to know abt the status of the production or development API cloud?

I think you were referring to the light at the Iro-I was talking about system status color in the iOs app. My WiFi light was green so Iro connected quickly (power loss was transient) but it was not responding to the commands via the app until the entire previously programed time elapsed-not sure why. Nor was it reporting Iro status accurately as ‘watering’ was displayed and the slider was progressing as if it was working when there valves were closed.

I’ll keep an eye on it!