System Ran Manually at 9:50 PM, Not on Schedule

Hi, I’m Pat. I’m new to this space but have had Rachio 2nd generation at my home for about four years. We are water restricted where I live in Florida and currently can only run irrigation on Saturdays. Schedule is set to water at 6:00 AM every Saturday.

But last Friday night at 9:50 PM the sprinklers started running, which I didn’t notice until 11:30 PM. Nothing was scheduled. I could not turn it off with the app so I unplugged the controller to stop it. There was a similar event to mine that was discussed here in 2017, but I could not tell why the unscheduled manual watering started or how to stop it.

Does anyone know what may have caused my “act of god” manual watering event to start or how to prevent it in the future?

I’m guessing providing a week’s worth of water at one time caused the system to run so long that it had to start the night before. That is not all that uncommon.