Switching schedules from 1 to 3-day

When I first got my controller, I scheduled three different schedules. One for one day, another for 2-day and another for three day watering per week.

I figured that as my city’s water schedule changed, I could just enable certain schedules and disable others to make it easy. I now switched from one day per week to three days per week. I expected to see the calendar reflect an upcoming watering day on Thursday. It does not show a thing.

Am I doing something wrong? How long does it take for the device to register a change?


I figured it out. I had my 3-day watering schedule set to run from 4/1/19-10/31/19. I changed it to run that same time period in 2020 and my calendar populated with scheduled dates. I do that so I don’t forget to change it when Fresno goes back to 1 day watering.