Switching from Rain Bird ESP-TM2 to Rachio 3 (Wiring Help)

Hello there,

Recently I purchased Rachio 3 to replace builder provided Rain Bird ESP-TM2 and wanted to confirm my wiring setup before I hook it up. As you can see in below images, I have two C wires. Which C wire I need to use? Also, the sensor wire setup needs to be done in same way? About 24VAC wires, any wire can be plugged into + and - ?


@Vaibhav, you will not need the 24v wires w/ the Rachio. You don’t need the sensor jumper wire either(yellow wire). Both the white common whites need to go to a C terminal in the Rachio controller and the corresponding red, green, blue, green, and red in the station numbers match up to the numbers on the Rachio.