Switching from 24zone Hunter

Second time for owning a Rachio but last time hookup was much easier. I am wiring two each 16 zone Rachio from one 24+ zone Hunter controller. Attached are pictures of current wiring. There are a number of common wires that now must be connected to two Rachios.

  1. For example, one photo shows two S1 connections inside the Hunter but each Rachio has only one. How does that work?
  2. Do the commons,“M”,S1 and S2 go to both of the Rachio’s?
  3. The bottom left bank on the Hunter has a GND, AC1, AC2, REM, C and P/MV. I assume the P/MV wire goes to the both of the Rachios and connects to the “M” connection. Would you agree?
  4. Are there any specific instructions for wiring together two Rachios?
    I appreciate anyone’s help.


No photos?