Switched to water as needed, now my lawn is dead

Everything was going great. I switched to ‘as needed’ and now my lawn is dead. The flex schedule was simple, if my lawn was getting a little dry, I would just slide the 5 circle setting up one. I don’t see that as an option now.

It also appears that when my sprinklers run, all of my zones run. When I was on flex, the zones that had grass would run a couple of times a week but the zones with only shrubs would only run every week or two.

What exactly is going on? Did Rachio take the smart out of the smart sprinkler now?

Sorry for any confusion, if flex was working please continue to use it. If you accidentally removed your flex schedule, you can add it back here:


For our next software release we are working hard on a solution that will allow flex users to continue using that scheduling type along with our other types.

Thanks for your patience.