Switch schedule only during summer

Is there any way to automatically switch from Flex daily schedule to a Manual schedule for June, July, Aug? Flex daily schedule works well for all seasons except for summer where the manual seems to work better. I do this manually at the start and end of summer but wondering if this could be scheduled. Start date and end date exists but requires Year. Thanks.


What exactly is it doing wrong? I would suggest you go in and maybe make some changes to your advanced settings, in late may early June. I thought I had things dialed in right when I set mine up, but latter on during the summer had it watering not often enough, so I made some changes, and now it’s good in summer and other seasons… there’s so many ways to tweak these, and you may find there’s a lot of ways to set it up during miler climates but only one good way during more difficult seasons…

I have a couple of recommendations:

  1. If you need a manual/fixed watering schedule for summer, then setup another schedule that meets your requirements. Activate for summer and disable your flex schedule.
  2. I’ve come across similar situation where flex schedule would begin starving my lawn for water especially in summer. I tweaked my soil type for more sand and adjusted my soil moisture threshold for watering. I moved the allowed depletion for the zones experiencing some drought stress to a lower value.

Thx for the replies. The problem with tweaking and optimizing those settings for the summer 3 months is that the non-summer seasons will likely get more water when it’s not necessary. Are you guys experiencing this?