Switch owner

Hi I just moved to a new place I am trying to rest the Rachio from the previous owner infortunely if it is not working they asked me to contact support Which I did since last week no feedback it is summer time my grads are dying pls can u help

What information do u need ?


Please PM me a picture of the serial number. Thanks.


Pls check ur email I sent u the picture of my serial number it is summer time i need to change the setting from the previous owner to my info

Nothing in email, please just private message me through the forum.

This is the message I am receiving when I am tried to step my Rachio

You should be good to go. I would definitely do a factory reset on the controller before trying to add to your account.


For Generation 2 controllers:

Power cycle the controller.
Press and hold the UP ARROW and SELECT BUTTON simultaneously until the LED light ring is fully illuminated, then release.
If you have a Rachio account, the controller will still need to be deleted from the app (Option 1, above) in order to completely remove the controller from your account (or prior owner’s account).

I have tried no working for me I hold the upper button and the select button at the same time nothing

Just try installing it then.

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