Switch Light/Dark Theme on Android App

My Rachio Android App is in dark theme mode. I suspect there is also a light theme, but cannot find a setting to change to it. Does the Rachio app follow the system settings for the applied theme, or can it be set independently? If independently, how?

I do not think I have seen a setting and mine has always never been in a dark theme. Maybe I might have an older version of Android? Post picture? Sorry, not much help.

I am able to get the Rachio App to light mode by changing my global “Dark mode settings” that makes everything on my android light or dark, but I don’t want everything to be light. I want to just have the Rachio App be light. I am on Android 10. - thanks

Pretty sure Rachio (and every other Android app for that matter) doesn’t work like that. Light/dark mode is only something that can be adjusted in the main OS settings, which will be a global change.

I would agree most Android apps use light / dark mode through the OS settings. However, I am almost positive I have seen a small number of apps that can override (cannot think of which off-hand). Rachio does not appear to be one of them.