Switch from rainbird to rachio - Some zones not working


I recently made the switch from a RainBird ESP-M controller to the Rachio Gen 2 controller. I had 9 zones total active on the Rainbird. I matched the wiring from the RainBird to the Rachio but zones 1, 2, 3, and 9 are not working. All of the zones that are not working are in one wire bundle sharing one common wire (white wire). I have attached photos of the Rainbird and Rachio wiring. Any idea what I am doing wrong?




@chrispantelis - it looks like the wires were moved correctly. I’m a little concerned about the wire in the left most C terminal. It doesn’t look like it is making a good connection, may not be in there straight. I’d try to gently push in the button to remove the wire and re-insert that wire. Or move that wire to the far right C terminal.

Another suggestion would be to wire nut all three common wires together and just have one common wire going into the unit.

If you have access to a volt/ohm meter the resistivity could be checked down that line. As the issue is limited/related to one wire bundle I think it will revolve around the common wire.


I agree with @DLane, when you look at the release button on the first common wire, it doesn’t look like it is seated in the contact (button raised up just a smidge). I’d try removing it and re-inserting it…Capture


Thank you for the reply!

Tried Re-seating and also moving the one C Wire to the far right open connection… sadly neither resolved the issue. Next will be wiring them together to see if that resolves the issue.