Swimming Pool Rachio

Does anyone know if a Rachio control is in the works to operate swimming pool equipment? I love the lawn sprinkler control. I wish they had one for pools.

I’m working on something cool within pool industry. It’s a pretty cool water level controller and leak detection service.

hydroaid.com: My day job :wink:

More details will be unveiled pretty soon on the kickstarter, but unlike my competition my design does not use any sensors on the water edge or within the pool itself (instead it uses a power analysis on the filter pump to perform all of the necessary level detection). In addition we’ve developed an accurate leak detection service which uses nothing more than the water flow measurements during the refill sessions (basically we track when and how much water is used to keep your pool full). With it you can fix the small leaks as soon as they develop, before erosion can cause more expensive damage around the pool.

Right now design does include a basic automation with an online controller, but I would love to talk to you about your specific needs. Email me at needs@hydroaid.com and I’ll be happy to take care of you.

Gene :swimmer:

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Hey @Anne1. Rachio does an excellent job with the irrigation part of their controller. There are so many variables in the pool end of it that it could make your head spin.

I like the auto fill idea. That factors out all the variables of pool surface area, color of plaster, sun exposure and trying to convert that into an accurate amount of operating minutes on the controller to compensate for the manufactured ET value that correlates to the given values.

I have to calculate all of that to put it into a controller setting that will avoid over filling as well as underfilling.

Pentair makes an awesome smart controller for the pool equipment operation and works with the smart phone just as the Rachio does.