Swaping hunter proc with rachio gen2

My current controler has 6 zones, removed wires from 1-6 and plugged them in corresponding numbers on Rachio. Had one wire plugged in the COM port, removed that and plugged it into C port on the Rachio controller. Sprinklers don’t seem to have the pressure, seceral zones seem to stay on even after they have finished running. I did select the valve setting in the app. What else am i missing?

@Princeanand - are there pictures that can be posted? Optimum would be a before picture in the Hunter and the current Rachio.

Was the Hunter system run as a test before the conversion? Is so, did everything work?

Do you have the Water Hammer reduction feature turned on in the Rachio ap?

Pictures attached, i tried switcing the COM wire from C to M that didnt help. System with hunter was working fine. Water hammer feature is not on.

@Princeanand - thanks for the photos, helps.

  1. The green wire (unusual color for common wire) should be in one of the Rachio C terminals. The master valve/pump option DOES NOT need to be on in the Rachio app.

  2. If you activate a valve manually using the bleed valve does it come on full force? When you close the bleed valve how long does it take for that zone to stop watering?



When was this: An hour before the install or last season?

Ok, it got really cold here is Virginia the last two days, had to abandon testing.

Looks like system is testing fine now. Did a couple of things…

  1. Switched the green COM cable back to C
  2. Disabled the valve option in the app, I guess the manual instructions are misleading!
  3. There was some water in the valve box, drained it out (not sure if that makes a difference)

Thanks for all your help!

Now just have to wait and see if it comes on for the scheduled time!