Surge protection?

Does anyone have a recommendation as to type/model of surge protection used for a Rachio3? I’m not looking to protect the valve lines, but the actual unit which I read is sensitive to brown outs, power failures, etc. There are plenty of ~ $20-$40 surge protectors out there, but I’m wondering if anyone has good experience with something more geared towards sensitive electronics? Thanks !

Brown outs / power failures cannot be fixed with a surge protector alone, for devices with potential data loss (computers, not IoT devices) you will want to use a UPS backup, with some handling brown outs better than others (mostly being designed for outages).

Rachio has an internal fuse / surge suppressor circuit on the input and just surge suppressors on every zone output. With power supply being a standard transformer, not having any surge sensitive components (within reason). Normally these components are damaged only when a wrong input voltage is provided (such as 220V instead of expected 110V).

When it comes to a non-standard surges (such as nearby lightning strike), any brand-name surge protector (no matter the rating) should be sufficient. Off brand protectors in the wild may be just a box from china with not much more than a fuse (if that).