live chat - no method to actually chat with a live person, only pre-canned "FAQs"

I am attempting to start a new support chat, but I only get a list of pre-canned questions and answers. I cannot find any way to chat in real time with a real person about a unique query. For example my question is about network ports and firewall settings. I select the live support icon at and after entering my account email address in the “What can we help you with?” prompt I select the Rachio3 controller. In the “What problem do you see or experience?” prompt I enter “network ports” and then select “Wi-Fi & Network”. That brings up the “What is your question about?” which gives four different selections, none of which pertain to my question. There is no dialogue box or any other visible way to enter unique text. How do I enter my question? How can I chat in real time with a real person? That was what I was expecting to be able to do when I clicked on a button labeled “Live Support”. This has got to be the most frustrating chat tool I’ve ever used.


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Worst customer service I’ve ever encountered

You took the time to post all that, why not just ask your question here? The community might be able to help you as well…

When you get to my age, the two minutes it takes to type 183 words is not a significant amount of time. I did post my question to the Troubleshooting forum and it was answered. That wasn’t the point of this post however.

I posted this as feedback to Rachio that there is room for improvement in their support system. Given the lack of response from anyone at Rachio it appears that customer support is not one of their priorities.


Not sure if you are talking about response to your post or what, but even though Rachio team will jump in from time to time (and can be pinged to look at a post), this is a community page and most of the answers come from fellow Rachio owners.

I can’t say anything about the chat, as I’ve never used it, and honestly wasn’t aware they had a chat, but they always seem to be pretty responsive to email support. I know that isn’t instant gratification like chat is, but…

Thanks, I’ll send this feedback to the Rachio support email.


Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding your interaction with Rachio Support. I understand that it was frustrating, but I’m glad you got your issue resolved. I have shared your feedback with the CS manager. If you shared it with the Support Team already, rest assured our CS Manger will receive it twice

I do want to let you know that the chat system you used will direct you to a support agent. The intention of the chat system is to help customers with relatively simple issues find quick resolution, while at the same time routing customers with more complex issues to a live support agent. In most cases this system is a benefit to customers.

Your case demonstrates that it doesn’t always work, but it provides us with a great use case to improve the system.


Thank you for replying. A possible solution to my experience would be to have the option to chat with a live representative available earlier in the interview process, like after the prompt “What is your question about?”. I understand that you need to weed out the easy questions so as not to overload your support staff, but I would expect most people would select the answer if they saw it in that step and would choose the chat option only if none of the canned answers apply. For me, having to choose an answer which doesn’t pertain to my question before getting the option to chat with a representative does not make any sense.