Support for 2Wire (two wire) installtions

Does rachio support two wire irrigation systems like from rainbird or hunter? We are re-doing our irrigation system 2ac+ and 50+ valves across the property. Two wire will make it much simpler to install and expand in the future.

Is this something rachio will support?

Sorry, at this time we do not support two wire installations.


What is the current status? [8 jan 2018]

This is a pretty interesting subject. I hadn’t heard of 2 wire sprinkler installation technology until being prompted to learn from the above posting.

Now I understand and it makes sense for large implementations. Only two wires are needed to go past every valve in the field. What a cost savings when looking at implementing #14 or #12 wire.

This is like the commercial fire alarm panels. Only four wires goes out to all smoke detectors, regardless of location. Each detector is addressed uniquely, such that when it goes off the panel knows exactly which one, perhaps in a sea of hundreds such as in a hotel, without anything but the basic 4-wire connection.

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it is according to “the internet of things” principle, Rachio would massively boost its options (once programmed of course), without having to add much hardware attachments. It would simplify things as well for users many zones.

I do wonder if those decoders aren’t abused to lock-in users in used valves of only one producer. Like Apple it would mean we would go backwards again…