Support contact number - Flow meter question


Hi Folks,

Would someone please let me know the phone number for customer support? I’ve had ongoing issues with my flow sensor reporting correctly in the gen2 sprinkler controller UI. Right now it’s reporting over 15 billion gallons of usage for the month. I’ve had a few support tickets that have yet to resolve the issue, and I haven’t had any traction in days. Latest support ticket number is 242391. Thank you!


Hey @Emailchaos-

I’ll respond via support now! I apologize for the delay.



We had a firmware issue with flow that was inflating those values. I had the team check your controller and the firmware now looks good. The usage data will reset May 1st. I am having the team verify your data and will get back with more information.




The team finished reviewing your account and it does look like usage numbers after the corrected firmware was sent to the controller do look accurate. The inflated usage will reset on May 1st. If you still seeing incorrect data after May 1st please let us know. Also, it looks like the last zone run did not report flow volume. Wondering if the flow meter was detached?

Have a great day.