Super slow to update every screen

Over the last week or 2, it takes almost 60 seconds just to update every screen. Doesn’t matter if its the home scree zone, schedules, updating schedules…

Same on Android or Web app

Thoughts on what is going on and how to fix it?

I can confirm. I’m seeing this too.

edit: happens on both the iOS app and the web app. Have power-cycled the controller too with no change.

Agreed. Something is wrong. It’s slow on android app and pc web browser. And I think my daily flex is screwed up because of this. It’s been cold and relatively wet, but daily flex is irrigating everyday.

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Thanks for the feedback, I will have the engineering team look into this performance impact.


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I’m seeing the same problem on the web app, plus it’s showing different numbers on my test zone that I run all winter. When I first bring up the zone, it says the soil moisture is 104% (which doesn’t make sense since we haven’t had rain), but when I go to look at the details, it then shows 92%. my IOS app is working quickly and looks correct.


I believe we have identified the issue. Are you still experiencing latency with the app?


Just tried the web app and still having some problems. The main screen pops up quickly, zones pops up quickly, but then looking at moisture details takes forever.

Ok, another patch out to handle our downstream weather service issues. Can you try one more time?



App performance is muuuuuch better on my end. Both on iOS and Web.

We got 0.25 inches of rain today so still waiting to confirm that reconnecting the flow meter fixed the nightly waterings.

Thanks @franz!

Ok awesome. WU was/is still having some performance issues and that was impacting our platform. We put in some fixes to help resolve some of those issues.


loading up soil moisture is still taking a long time on the web app

Can you PM me the email you use for the account? I will have the engineering team review.



For me the Web is now very fast. Android 10 is pretty quick on schedule, pulling up zones or refreshing them still takes 15-20 seconds… However this is much better than it was which was 1-2 mins or it would never update