SUMMER & WINTER Grass Options

GREAT PRODUCT. Have two of them on two different homes and got my neighbor to buy one too!

For the millions of residents living in the Phoeinx Metropolitan area many communities have requirements to have summer (bermuda) grass and then overseed (annually) about September for the winter “Rye” grass. Every year, twice a year, we need to swtich our watering schedule to accommodate this not to mention the over seed periodin September/October where we soak the grass so it germinates. An option for this would be terrific and encourage many more users to come on board as it would simplify this process by automatically enabling and disabling the each period.

Cross our fingers that you see the need for this and its value to potential customers not only in Arizona but other southern states with similar challenges.

Keep up the great work. I’ve personally already seen the value.


@FrankSchmuck, if I’m understanding, you’d like to have a mixed/year round grass type? Which will adjust crop coefficient & root zone depth by month to meet the needs for both grass types (and overseeding)?

Thanks for your support! Please spread the word by leaving a review :slight_smile: