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Installed (2) Gen 2 IRO. Previously had 34 stations on a Hunter ICC.

  1. Need to be able to set maximum water time across all zones. Not only for limitations set by municipalities, but to avoid wildly long run times.

  2. Allow adding pictures from the web interface.

  3. Make pictures on the web interface 5x larger.

  4. iPhone - tap picture should display full screen

  5. Support two controllers managed as one.

  6. iPhone app bug - Select Time first, then one zone. It runs all zones.

  7. Allow virtual configuration of zone numbers/order so don’t have to move the wires to change the My Yard order and default order elsewhere.

  8. When viewing zone detail under My Yard, provide a “Run Now” button.

  9. Lower the default watering times when setting up new Fixed schedule. Mine comes up at 403 minutes for 16 stations - 7 hours. Maybe this is because starts at 100% depletion. Regardless, that would cost me about $50-$100 in water (one watering) for my 32 stations.

Bought because of the strong support of the online community by the company.

– Mark

Welcome to the community!

I agree, we want to add a min/max slider for frequency and duration. It was supposed to get into our 2.5 release coming out soon but we ran out of time. If it doesn’t get into a release this year, it will definitely be in for our next major release (3.0) coming out next year.

Agreed, I don’t see this for this year, but we need to incorporate this into our next major Webapp release.

We will be doing a major software overhaul this year and something that we will build the foundation for. Our biggest issue has been scheduling which is going to be rewritten from the ground up to accommodate a ton of other uses cases including this. A lower priority overall but at least I want the building blocks available.

The remote and running zones in general is going to be overhauled.

Something we hear a lot and are going to do better at.

Are you sure this didn’t include cycle/soak times? Sometimes those throw people off and can be confusing and make the schedule look a lot longer than it actually is. Working on how to better represent that.

Thanks, we truly appreciate each and every customer and try to listen and prioritize feedback.

Thanks again for the product suggestions.


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yes, this would be super cool.

[quote=“marksd100, post:1, topic:3088”]
Lower the default watering times when setting up new Fixed schedule.
[/quote] depletion shoudl not be in play here at all.

[quote=“marksd100, post:1, topic:3088”]
iPhone app bug - Select Time first, then one zone. It runs all zones.
[/quote] i have seen this but thought it was because my hands were wet and messing up capacitive touch. nice to know.

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@marksd100, our next app release will allow for better control of the max watering time on a per zone basis. This doesn’t apply to all zones, but should help manage the limitations set by your muni.

We currently support this at the schedule level; you can reorder the zone order virtually – no need to move the wires around :smile: – for details, please see #3 in this support article.

Are you using rotor heads? Assuming all zone equal, you’re watering roughly 25 mins/zone currently. Nozzle type & vegetation type will play the largest role in watering duration. Note, you’ll need to create a new Fixed schedule to reflect zone attribute changes to schedules.

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