Suggestion: Maintenance Mode

So in reference to Is there a way to manually advance to the next station? of how to advance to the next zone during closing of the system, I think there would be a great feature for a ‘System Maintenance’ area added to the slide in left menu under Custom Nozzles, Help, etc.

If you could add the ‘System Maintenance’ and this screen shows all 8 (or 16) zones in a tile view. All zones should show on the same screen with no scrolling required.

  • Click on a zone and it starts watering. (Zone becomes highlighted so you know it’s selected/running)
  • Click another zone and it switches to that zone. (Highlights new zone and unhighlights the first zone)
  • Click the same (highlighted zone) and it turns off the zone.
  • Leave the maintenance area and if a zone is running it turns off.

Not only does this help in the closing of a system but also for replacing nozzles, testing, etc. No timing, advancing, etc. built in to this area. It’s a straight on/off of each selected zone.

When I’m shutting down my system, I like to loop through all the zones a few times so that they have time to cool off the lines between blowing and I can go back to the zones that seem to have more water remaining in them. This would be a much easier way to run through that process.

Hopefully this could be something you could sprint through quickly for the end of this watering season. :wink:

Thanks for your hard work and consideration.

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Thanks for this great suggestion, I know we want to build a winterization feature and these all make sense. I’ll make sure the product team is aware of these suggestions and if we are able to incorporate.


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