Suggestion for wording change in quick start manual

I’d like to pass on a strong suggestion about the PRINTED quick start manual you provide. Specifically on page 8 the following text occurs, “Press down on each terminal tab…”. I would strongly suggest that this wording be changed to “Press IN on each terminal tab…”

The reason for this is that the tabs are VERY stiff and the direction of manipulation should be relative to the standard orientation of the controller when installed which is normally vertical. In that orientation, the tabs are actually pressed IN and not DOWN. Since the tabs are extremely stiff it isn’t evident that they are supposed to press in and given the instructions, it’s logical to try to press them down. I did just this and broke one of the tabs on my controller.

I now realize that there is a video about this, but that is generally not where one is going to go first since the quick start guide is so handy.


Agreed. Also, the tabs are a bit too fragile, and the angle of insertion is awkward.


I totally agree. Figuring out the Rachio system and configuring it was easy. Manhandling those recalcitrant, fragile little terminal tabs was a major pain. One broke, another would not release a wire inadvertently put into the wrong tab (instinctively, one assumes that the first tab is actually #1, not C).