Suggestion: Allow Save/Restore configuration of controller

I know this has been suggested before, but I had a chat with Technical Support this morning, and they suggested I post my request here as well.

There’s been some discussion of having “storage space” associated with an online Rachio account to allow saving of configuration information. I have a different suggestion: I suggest a “download” and “upload” capability for configuration.

My thoughts:

  1. Allow me to save configuration, which would download configuration to my computer. I can save as many configurations as I want under different filenames, back them up as I see fit, etc.

  2. If needed, allow me to upload a configuration. If uploaded, then via the browser I’d specify the configuration file to upload, and said configuration would overwrite any existing configuration stored on my system.

This allows me maximum flexibility given a (hopefully) simple implementation.

Obviously, said feature should work with any generation of Rachio controller.

Thanks for your thoughts and time.

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Thanks for sharing @JeffA!

What file format would you like your configurations to be saved as?

McKynzee :rachio:

I’m not picky on the file format. Something humanly readable (JSON, XML, etc) would be nice. But since it’s primarily to allow me to save a configuration and restore it later, it’s most important that your WWW site understand the format for the restore operation.

Something that is humanly readable, though, would allow me to save the configuration in, say, a git repository, which would allow me to see what I changed over time. And that would be a nice extra. JSON is probably best, but I’m flexible.

Thanks so much for considering this feature!


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