Suggestested watering times

I know that the app suggests initial watering times based on the ET settings (when you create a new schedule). However, Once you change that suggestion, there’s no longer any indication of what the calculations suggest. I wonder if there couldn’t be a place where that “suggested time” that it would use for a new schedule created today could be shown. Over the past few months I’ve made lots of changes to my run times, and I’m certainly curious if I’m anywhere near what the Iro would suggest if I set it up today.

@svento We currently don’t but that is a good suggestion. We are thinking of some sort of ‘reset’. Will take this to the product team and see how we can incorporate something along these lines.

Thanks for your feedback!

Thanks! Although reset is a great option too (definitely may be useful at times), I really just want to see how far off the suggestion I currently am without actually changing it yet. One issue I see with this is that I think the default suggestions are based on watering every 3 days, but my schedule currently runs every 4, so the display would need to indicate frequency as well as time.

@svento‌ Good point, I like having something with ‘recommended’. The only issue is with changing seasons. A trending recommended?

Yes, I’d say it should be based on “today” since that is what my current watering times are based on. (Otherwise the comparison isn’t very possible)

@svento‌ Let me think about this, could possibly get in our 1.8 release. Thanks for the feedback, it makes a lot of sense.

It would be good to have ‘finish by’ schedule. I would like the system to be smart enough so it will finish by certain time or an event. For example, I’ve read that irrigation is supposed to finish by sunrise. So I work backwards.

It makes sense for me to have a three input fields in your UI.

First is the “Logic”. Either “Finish by” and “Start on”.
Second field would be 2 types of values. “Time” (clock) and relation to an "Event’ (“Sunrise” and “Sunset” would be one. Another thing I can think of is “Mid-day” or “Peak sun”.)
Third is “offset” (For the event). 1 hour later, 1 hour before, etc.

So this would allow the home owner to specify something like “1 hour before the sunrise, complete your watering” or “1 hour before 7am (when the kids are going to run on them) finish the spinkler”.

Let me know if this helps.


@leigh‌ Thanks, we have been asked multiple times for this. Some sort of ‘Before’ terminology… I will work with the product team in our planning session and figure out how we implement. Thanks for the feedback!

Sorry for bumping an old thread… I recently purchased rachio. I started fine tuning (more like playing with) the duration that was initially suggested by Rachio. I feel like I have messed up few things. I want to start fresh. Is there a way to start all over again ? Like factory reset of schedule (duration) based on my initial settings. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

@arslanp The easiest thing to do would probably just delete and re-add the watering time.

In our v2.0 software coming out in May, any fine tuning to zone attributes will immediately be reflected in flex schedule runtimes.

Thanks and let us know if you have any more feedback or questions.


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