"Suggest" watering in a Fixed Schedule

I use a Fixed Schedule every 2 days. Not completely comfortable switching over to a flex schedule. While on a Fixed schedule my waterings are “skipped” if the ground conditions are wet enough in addition to skipping watering if the expected rainfall is greater than my set trigger. So why isn’t there an option for the other extreme. 2 weeks of no rain with 90+ temp have destroyed my lawn with watering every other day. It would be nice if the Rachio would give me the “option to accept” addition watering. Just a “pop up” button I could click to “accept additional watering” the evening prior to my morning watering. This would remind me to water daily on those extreme wether conditions.


Hey Michael!
Wanted to let you know we have seen your suggestion and are discussing it with the product team. Thank you for your input.
In the meantime… It sounds like it may be a great time for you to try out flex scheduling! If you give me more info about the climate/conditions you are in I can link you to a couple threads/users within the community that have a wealth of knowledge on how to make flex work best for you and your lawn. Let me know!