Suddenly Watering Every Day and first Thrive application for the year


I am in St Petersburg, FL.

I received a message saying my schedule had been seasonally adjusted and now unless the subscribed to weather station shows rain, I am suddenly watering every day. Looks to be about 18 minutes/all 3 zones. Trying to understand how/why that happened.

Also, Spring has Sprung here in FL and the grass is growing. When should I apply my first Thrive treatment?

Thank you!

Usually Seasonal Adjustments are small, often keeping the same frequency and adjusting time by a few minutes, or changing frequency by a day or so and/or changing time. What was your time and frequency previously? Every day seems excessive this early in the year, even in St. Petersburg.

Been a while since I set it up but I recall it being 3 days a week.

Any guidance on when to apply the first thrive treatment of the year? Will I be notified/reminded?


Did you set it up with a Fixed schedule, or a Flex Monthly schedule? Might be best to just set it up again the way you did originally, and keep track of the settings.

(Sorry, I’m not familiar with the Thrive information.)