Substantial irrigation not recorded in Zone moisture calculations

A shrub zone on my Flex schedule was irrigated for 215 minutes yesterday (104 minutes of Quick Run and then (arrgh!) another 111 minutes from the Flex schedule that ran last night ignoring the extensive watering that had been done roughly 10 hours earlier). This is for a zone that requires 2.4 inches to fill at 2.1 inches per hour PR. These actual runs are accurately reflected in the start/stop history as well as in the zone-specific usage download (which reports both the run time and the gallons of water applied).

NONE of this activity is recorded in the Soil Moisture data at all, so today it shows the zone with 0% soil moisture despite the fact that it was drastically over-irrigated yesterday (750 gallons applied which is about 315% fill or about 7.5 inches applied). I have tried various ways to attempt to get it to update the soil moisture data to reflect the known irrigation, but no luck so far. Obviously I could do a forced fill that would adjust the level to 100%, but I am concerned that the actual irrigation is not being reflected in the Flex calculations here.


  1. I apparently already resolved the inexplicable run time calculation of 111 minutes on Flex last night for a zone that only required 68 minutes to fill by removing the zone from the Flex schedule, saving the Flex schedule, and then re-adding the zone back to the same flex schedule again with no other changes made. When I re-added it to the Flex schedule it updated the zone run time to the correct number of minutes. I suppose it is now prudent for me to do the same thing for all the other zones, since the zone times do not appear to update properly in the Flex schedule on their own as they are supposed to do.
  2. The context of this was the installation of moisture sensors and soil thermometers yesterday. Prior to the quick runs yesterday the zone had not been irrigated in 10 days, and I was testing to see how the soil moisture sensors would react to the application of water. I applied excess water in this test, but expected the Flex schedule to consider this and not apply additional water last night! Suffice it to say that the moisture sensors in that zone currently report a zero 0.0 cBar reading for all sensors.

Zone Data:
|Actual GPM|3.5|
|Available Water|0.2|
|Root Depth|24|
|Allowed Depletion|0.5|
|Crop Coefficient|0.5|
|Nozzle PR|2.1|