How do I set up email notification that someone has added to a conversation on this forum?


Click this thing and it will give you different options for watching a thread if you haven’t already replied to it or were the original author of it.

Now that I replied to your thread it changes to “Tracking” and will show me the # of new replies in the thread list going forward.


Scorp, looks good, where do I find that option?

Towards the bottom of each thread.

Thanks for the assist @scorp508 :wink:


@mitchell Mr Fancy Pants


:joy: Just a heads up @bukzin, you can also do this on a category level if you would like.

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Nice, i’m going to setup an alert for Flex Daily

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mckynzee, I see your reply but would you include my original question?


Hey @bukzin
I believe this was the original question: