Stuck precipitation reading?

An odd behavior imo.

My scheduled watering was skipped because of my weather stations observed precipitation, but that precipitation was observed on Tuesday.

Weather Station ID: PWS_WAKNEATMO Weather Station Distance: 0.2mi
The weather service in your area has observed 0.83 inches of precipitation. Based on predicted weather in your area, we estimate that your yard will receive approximately 0.0 inches of precipitation. The estimated total for your device is 0.83 inches of precipitation since the last time you watered to the next time you are watering.

How far back does the Iro go to look at precipitation?

If this expected behavior then disregard.

Totally looking forward to the Flex scheduling. :slight_smile:


Thanks for reaching out. Good to hear from you.

So just from what you have described, this sounds like an ET rain delay. Basically what this means is that there was enough rainfall on Tuesday to supplement the amount of ET that has been lost so on our end it was not necessary to run your watering time. Hopefully that makes sense. If you want to email I can dive into it more with you as well.

We are pumped as well!


Ah, that makes total sense. Forgot about the ET factor and on just the face of the email skip notification had me scratching my head.

To be completely fair I was being over sensitive because my PWS is new (1st reported rain / water scheduled) and my first thought was it was feeding bad data.