Stuck on Verifying Connection!


16 Zone - Gen 2

I have read the other articles in this forum and have not been able to fix this issue could you please advise on what else I can try.

I have also tried a second unit with no luck.

I am located in Australia so phone call might not be possible.

I’ve forwarded this to our support team. In the morning they will be able to help troubleshoot and get you online. No controller left behind! Thank you for being a valued customer.


The support ticket # is 152021.

If you can provide information like router type and make/model of phone it will help with initial troubleshooting.


Router model is a Huawei B315s-607

  • Unifi access points for the wireless

Also standard iPhone for setup

Hi @dave.neill,

Are you using a cable modem with your Huawei router, or are you using a SIM card to access a cellular network? Have you tried linking the device with the router itself instead of through a Unifi AP?

Is the Rachio device providing any sort of light code or indication at this time? How about during setup? Have you made sure that you have set up a proper 2.4 GHz network with WPA2 encryption?

  • No cable modem router is using a sim card to access 4G network.
  • I have tried linking directly to the router and not use the Unifi AP.
  • Also disabled firewall in the router.
  • Confirmed I am running a 2.4ghz WPA2 encryption
  • Tried using another iPhone.
  • Lights on unit flash between 2-3 lights.

Still no luck ??

Can you try an Android device just to make sure it’s not iOS specific with the router?

If not we can get a call setup with our support team who can help troubleshoot. We’ve experienced pretty much every configuration :slight_smile:


Awesome News !!! I tried my Android as you suggested and it connected all OK and now that it is setup the iPhone app now works also.

Thanks heaps for you help.

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That’s great news @dave.neill. I’m going to have the engineering team try to reproduce the scenario you were having with router and iPhone. It should have worked with the iPhone :wink:, but seems like there was some connectivity issue. Thank for your patience and please let us known if you have any other questions or feedback.